Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Sandman meets the Lord of that fly

Spring has certainly begun to energize our boys, they are really enjoying getting outside and playing together better than ever. I met everyone at our new playground which we discovered just a few days ago as we explored our neighborhood's development. They are opening up the last phase which includes a beach/pool structure which we are excited about. the new playground has a really great rock climbing wall, slide, stepping stones and monkey bar things. It's amazing. Chubbers likes to climb the stairs and slide down repeatedly without exploring any other area. Bub prefers to go to the sand volleyball pit area and dig, dig, dig. He's certain that the digging will take him to china or another world hiding from view.

I hate sand. It sticks to you like Velcro and no matter how much you try to dust off the stuff it stick to you in a thin layer that only water can remove. Chubbers saw Titus grabbing handfuls of sand and tossing them into the air. He promptly made his way toward the pit and started tossing sand too. Chubbers, of course, had to taste the sand! GROSS! He passed on the ingestion of sand. By the time Chubbers made his way over to the benches where Kendra and I were making over Teensy, he was completely covered in a thin layer of sand. He had been eating gummy fruits and his sticky face and hands were coated in sand which really hung onto the Chubbers. He had become the sandman and boy was he gross. I can't really stand dirty kids and was grabbing the wipes. A good friend of our and her girls were at the park too and really got a kick out of my jump to clean up Chubbers. Kendra had alerted them to my incessant cleanliness kick. Guilty as charged.

The rally cry to get all of our duke and head to the house was met with resistance from Titus. He wasn't ready to give up on the digging and had buried a water bottle in the sand. "Dad I buried a treasure in the sand. Your water bottle! It's buried treasure, Dad! Isn't that cool!" "Titus...yes, it's cool...please go get the water bottle back we need to get home." Titus discovered what Pirates learned centuries ago--if you go out burying treasure you better make a map or you lose your treasure! We left without the water bottle. When he got in the car one of his shoes dumped about 10 pounds of sand into the car, "look at all of this sand, Dad!" I tried to maintain my composure and be as excited as he was at his souvenir brought into our clean car from the great outdoors. The great out of doors isn't' all it's cracked up to be you know, it's rather dirty.

When we got home it was straight to the tub. I put pizza dough together to get it working while we bathed Teensy and the boys.. She started smiling and grinning and cooing--just awesome. While I was getting the pizza put together and in the oven, Kendra was reading to the boys. A huge fly, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle was trapped in the window behind the reading chair. Titus had suddenly found a new mission in life--he was going to be the Lord of that fly! For the next hour he set out to get that fly trapped, he had no idea what he was going to do with that fly once it was caught. The fly proved to be a little more illusive than Titus thought. As we ate dinner we heard him attempting to catch that fly.

"Dad, why is that fly doing that." "What do you mean..why is he trapped? he's trying to get out of the house and thinks that the window will let him out so once he hits the glass he doesn't' know to turn around." "Why?" "I have no idea why, I guess they are dumb." "Fly...Fly...over here you can get out over here." I've never in my life heard a boy try so hard to coach a fly from certain death.

I stepped in to help the fly's capture so we could bring and end to the fly hunt. He's a free fly this morning spreading it's disgusting germ ridden, self around the world.

I'll have another story about our snake laboratory, but that's for another day.


Donna said...

I would have killed the fly.

Tracy said...

i bet your car still has sand in it huh? it seems months after our last trip to the beach house i still find sand around :-)
and the fly - i normally dont show them much mercy but i hate squishing anything inside my house lol