Monday, April 2, 2007

Artsy Fartsy Preschool

We have a great Preschool at our church. Our boys love to go to preschool and have had such a great time. Year after year our Preschool comes in at or near the top Preschoolers in our city.
One of the things I especially like about our Preschool is their emphasis on culture. Each month every student studies an author, composer, and artist. They learn all about those individuals in their respective genre's and then respond in their own interpretations of that person.

Number one son painted this picture after learning about VanGoh (Oleander in a Vase). The teacher's had not "hand" in Titus' painting this picture. I am very impressed that he did this and can't wait to put it in a frame.

Here's one of Titus' long necks. He is somewhat into dinosaurs, but not in total love with them. He does have some toys that are dinosaur related but hasn't really embraced the total fascination with dino's. I love that his tail is huge and then the huge grin on his tiny face--too cute.

Titus Preschool teacher, Ms. Myrna loves Clifford the Big Red Dog and has a huge Clifford house and read stories. Titus has begun watching Clifford on PBS and now loves it as well. He wanted to paint a Clifford picture. The long red stick from the mouth is one of his ears. I think that has to be one of my all time favorite things to watch in looking at Preschool art. A child will have to have every "fing" on there. Two ears, two eyes, a mouth, four legs, tail, etc. Because it's just not the same without all of those parts.

Chubbers, not to be outdone, painted this picture. I am not sure exactly how much help he had, but I still love that it is his art. This is a tribute to the flag. I think his teacher just gave him a brush with red paint let him go to town, then a blue brush with paint and let him go to town. I for the life of me cannot imagine handing Chubbers a brush loaded with paint! Just thinking about what his work area or neighbor looked like all dolled up in Chubber graffiti gets me all twitchy.

Here is another Chubber. This one is Starry Night, a Van Gohh. You really can't see the detail of this well, but it looks really cool IRL. I think this one involved fingers and paint. Again, sticking my Chubbers hand in paint is unthinkable. My mind is immediately taken to, "How much paint did he eat?" Chubbers, as I have blogged several times before, is a licker. He licks anything. Being germ a phobes we have hand sterilizer in every corner of our house and use it frequently especially when dealing with Teensy. Chubbers is always right there ready for his squirt. First thing, schleeep, licks it right off. I think he could just drink a shot glass of that stuff. He loves it.

I'm so glad our boys go to an artsy fartsy preschool. I want them to know about culture and be exposed to art, good music, and fascinating books. The work our preschool teachers are doing today with our boys will spill over into every aspect of their life. I just know someday this work will come in handy and I'm so thrilled that they are in a school that focuses on this kind of stuff.

I always joke and tell Kendra to save this or that for the Presidential library. You never know, though, he might just make it and be our next president. Right now he's leaning toward Doctor in the Army on a Boat. He's been stuck on being a doctor for several months and hasn't' changed. That means I will be able to help him in school until, maybe, Kindergarten then have to see professional help from higher educators.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot to mention that the Preschool hosts an Art Show each year in which the artwork of these kiddos is displayed. Classical music is played and the pictures are mounted so well on the partitions. Parents come early and pick up their kiddos then go to the art show. This year we hosted a refreshments area for our guests. It was well attended.,


Tracy said...

oh you know i love this. quite the artistes they are too. young childrens art is the best -they dont edit themselves. they just do it and that is a wonderful thing.

Donna said...

This is just fabulous! What an incredible preschool. I don't think Jackson's preschool has ever heard of anything so upscale. I am thrilled for these kids to be learning about historically relevant people at such a young age. I'm also glad Jackson is changing preschools next year.