Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thank you, Mr. Barrista...thank you!

I had to change the dots! I really loved the layout last night, but after sleep and an adequate amount of caffeine to actually regain feeling, I realized I'm just not a dot kind of guy. That dot template is definitely designed for someone other than me--what was I thinking. Quite possibly saved for that person who actually enjoys wearing polka-dots, owns a Dalmatian, eats only poppy seed bread and dressing loves strawberries, and has switched their toothpaste to the speckled variety. As for me, I'm just not a dot kind of guy. So, so long dots and hello scribe. I feel much more comfortable in this skin and much more at home.
I am not a typical guy, the fact that I am male is about the only thing that singles me out in this chromosome. I don't understand sports--any sport. I don't enjoy owning weapons, killing anything other than the unwelcome mice in my house (we live in a new development that was once a cow pasture that is now a beautiful place to call home) and your average insect, any kind of car repair or TV show on the subject, carpentry, woodwork, spitting, grabbing or scratching "things" in public, roaming around in the garage "tinkering", none of which appeals to me. I really don't do any of the guy things, although if I lean against a wall you will catch me propping up one leg--that is VERY machismo! The next time you look at any group of men leaning against a wall notice they will all have one leg propped up on said wall. It is an automatic response for me. Anyway, I do enjoy walking the mall, talking on the phone, shopping, cooking, reading recipes, reading cookbooks, tea rooms, book stores, antiques, and cleaning the bathroom. I MUST have no wrinkles on my person, it is just simply unacceptable. I once spent the night at Mildred's and had to unearth her ironing board and recover her poor iron from the CRAFTING table. She used her iron for some sort of art thing. Mildred, Mildred. It's really a very complicated mess, the life I live.
I went to my favorite coffee house this morning for a my Venti White Mocha--please stir after you pour in the hot milk. At $5 a pop I only get this treat once or twice a week so it is an event when I go--a blessed and joyous event. Today was that day, each sip stripping away a layer of stress (insert your basic onion--peeling away the skin!) carrying me away to a place where things don't really stack up and suffocate you to the point of collapse. The Barrista that took my order and my $5 forgot to hand the cup over to the Barrista that mans the massive espresso behemoth that produces the wonderful nectar. As I waited patently and enjoyed their banter back and forth (I love eavesdropping) I began to wonder when they were going to get busy and crank out my coffee! I was on the phone to Mildred and commented on the situation when all of a sudden both Barristas noticed my pacing and inquired, "may I help you." "I'm just waiting for my Venti White Mocha." I really felt bad when the look of despair covered their faces--they had failed to meet that customer satisfaction and knew their pin was in jeopardy of being taken away. As the grand master began to froth and press my wonderful nectar, the other one offered me a pastry, "no thanks." I really don't care for their pastries, too dry for me. That is when he handed me a "golden ticket!" I felt like Charlie, in Willy Wonka's movie, when he found his golden ticket and knew that he had won. This card contained an apology an opportunity for a free coffee on my next visit. The fact that they had dropped the ball and missed the 100% customer satisfaction mark gave me a free coffee. Joy, Bliss, Euphoria, heaven were all at levels below my feelings.
Thank you, Mr. Barrista for not living up to company standards. Thank you, Mr. Barrista for missing the mark and giving me a golden ticket. Oh what joy. So, friends, if you ever find yourself in a very famous coffee shop and your Barrista's have missed the mark and are trying to peddle some less than delicious pastry to make up for less than satisfactory service--hold out--hold your ground for free White Mocha heaven awaits you.

Until tomorrow.


Donna said...

You really are good, but you might want to think about getting a life. AND I love polka-dots. To not love polka-dots is just plain weird.

Tracy said...

i love polka dots too :-) however i have to agree the new template looks good. seems more appropriate in some way.
i would like a golden ticket (free always seems good LOL) but i do not frequent the large coffee purveyor- gasp right? well mildred will tell you i don't like what they're sellin. of course i've never tried the white mocha heaven :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

Thanks for the hot tip on Golden Tickets - what a great boost for anyone's day! I like polka dots too, but not on me, I have freckles and that's just too many dots altogether. Your blog is fun, Mildred sent me over to check it out - I'll be visiting again :)

Babsarella said...

Dang. Why do some people have all the luck??? Although, my nectar of choice is a VENTI Carmel Macchiato (or however the heck you spell it). Oh yeah, I can vouch for Tracy...she does like her polka-dots!