Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Lessons

Of course I thought of more lessons as I put last night's post to bed...and myself of course. Speaking of putting things to bed--we got a new bed! The upon which we have been sleeping our entire married life was purchased from a friend about three or four months before our wedding. Kendra moved into an apartment and didn't have a thing, so I bought her a mattress (which is on the guest room bed) and she bought the four poster bed. We found out that it was broken when we got it, we didn't want to know how it was broken! The mattress was given to us by my Step Mom. This is the first "NEW" bed and it's nice.

More lessons:

  • Your Mom's wedding china, white porcelain with a real silver bamboo inlay and rim, will create a 4th of July explosion in the microwave oven. This was the 80's when microwaves were the size of a Yugo and we just didn't know, ok. The plate was never the same.
  • Your dishwasher will not accept a dispenser full of DAWN dish washing liquid as the suds created are thick as meringue. It will take approximately 1 1/2 cups of Downey to take the suds away. Sorry Dad, thanks for jumping right in there and fixing that one.
  • When your best friend sneaks his girlfriend into your house while you are next door babysitting the punks and calls to say that they's see how I can put this..."been" together... with each other...on your parent's bed! Change the sheets. I revealed this little tid bit of info at one of my Sister's and my infamous Father's Day lunch reveals. "Hey Dad, remember when..." This was one of those reveals. I just didn't know what I know now.
  • Thinking that a dog chain will stay on the ground as you mow over it is false! It will get sucked up into the blade wrapping itself around the rod causing the engine to explode. Thick Black Smoke will come out of the top of the mower. Your Dad will not say a word about it to you, but will also not let you use the new mower to cut Mrs. Cope's yard. I was my Dad...for a job I had mowing an old lady's yard! Blasted chain!
  • Unless you have a Polaroid camera and take a photo of the toupee which is on a foam head in the bathroom you were not supposed to use but thought no one would know until you touched the hair piece and it slid off onto the counter do not touch it. Well, if you do touch it for Pete's sake be gentle!
  • If you think you need a plumber...YOU DO!


Tracy said...

ok... NO china in the microwave OR dishwasher EVER..... :-)
(thats why no one ever uses their good stuff - you gotta hand wash it HA!)
ANd yuck on the friend sneaking the gf into the house... geeeez.