Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things I love

I just love a wake up face! I love wake up hair too! Miss Teensy is an early riser, like her Dad, and I usually get her up every morning and we go downstairs for breakfast.
She was somewhat confused why I was taking her picture and not acting the fool as I usually do. Kendra and I have always been extra animated and happy when we get our kids every morning because we want them to be happy and start their day off with joy and not grumpus. I think it helps them set the whole days tone. So far all of our kids are very happy when they wake up and ready for the day.
Teensy will lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back as we walk from her room to the stairs. We have a mirror on the wall right by the stairs and I always stop and say, "where's the beautiful girl?" She always reaches out and pats the mirror, "there she is the beautiful girl." That's another philosophy of mine. I want my daughter to hear me say she's beautiful and talented and that she looks great. I think that sets her self-esteem and gives her confidence. I also want her to know that people measure you more by what is on the inside than what is on the outside. If she measures and hears this from me then she won't have to look around to find those words. Some Dad's just don't compliment their daughter and so when they hear it from a boy it can get physical. I firmly believe that Father's can chart the course of a child's life for good or bad--huge burden and responsibility.
This sweet face is growing up all too fast. She's beautiful and talented and has a mind of her own. I know she's going to do great things and accomplish much more than her mother and I could have ever done, and as long as I can breath I'll be there to tell her how proud of her I am, how beautiful she is, and how much I love her. I do love you sweet, Teensy.