Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Salt plain and simple

Tonight salt was poured into the open wound of the American Idol wind down. I am NOT liking this final four, down to three, down to two thing AT ALL. I hate that poor Lakisha is going home, she seems so nice. All four of them are just the best, and I can't stand it to see them going home, picked off week by week. I don't think I can handle next week. As much as I don't want to think it, reality is demanding that I say it: I fear that Melinda is in the cross hairs of going home. I can feel it in my gut, and I hate it. I think it's going to be Blake and Jordyn in the final two and Jordyn will be the next American Idol. I hope that I'm wrong.

Some of the genre choices were a little bizarre to me this year, namely Rock Singing male night and Bee Gee's night. I'll give you that both are excellent in their genre, but for a competition which has men and women, just don't think it was fair to subject these great singers to music that was impossible to interpret, I also didn't like Latin night--no one can pull off Latin music that is not Latin, you just can't.

I know Lakisha will have a career and will be great, but it's just too much for me to see one picked off after the other, it hurts so bad. It all boils down to next week. I would love to see a Melinda/Jordyn show down, but fear that next weeks genre will not be ripe for Melinda.

I am also a little miffed that Randy told Blake he was beat boxing too much. I can remember a few weeks ago that he was telling him to beat box. This from a man who only has five words in his vocabulary, "check it out...dawg...check it's like this." I want to scream when he starts that dawg business AHHHHHHHHH. Just so frustrating.

I can't wait for next season to roll around, I hope I am able to throw myself into it like I have this year. Pass the salt please.


Jamie S said...

Yo, dawg, I totally dig what you're saying.

Donna said...

Is that how Jordan spells her name??
I have that same gut feeling about Melinda and next week. You know Barbara is sure Blake will go home. I hope she's right, but I'm afraid her heart might be doing her thinking on this one. We'll see. I hope we're wrong.
Luke can't stand to hear Randy talk either. For some reason he doesn't bug me.
I think once an Idol watcher always an Idol watcher so I'm sure you'll be front and center next season. I swear I haven't loved a show this much since Andy.

Will said...

the reruns will be a drag!

Tracy said...

i want to think blake will go home but there are too many young girl voters kwim?
it SHOULD be jordin and melinda. and if america has ears they should go for melinda - the girl can sing anything.. but i'm afraid sweet jordin will win - she can sing but you know - she can't sing everything - people should think back cos overall she hasn't been the consistent one. Melinda is awesome and i think she's got tons of personality - and over the weeks its coming out the more she performs. i still want Melinda to win she is THE best but i know she'll have a career when this is all over. Jordin i'm afraid may win and she's just too young for it - the way this world is they may just eat her alive - even with the best family -loving parents etc bad things can, and do, happen. lets keep our fingers crossed. oh i like blake i just dont think he's really the best - he's sorta hit or miss and he really has a very small range vocally if you ask me LOL and no one did... i'm voting melinda ALL THE WAY!