Thursday, May 3, 2007

Now what am I going to do?

This season of American Idol is the first time I have ever invested myself into the entire process and today is the day I regret that investment. I usually love watching the auditions and laughing at the pathetic's who parade in front of the camera. I think it jumped the shark when the producers allowed some of the auditions to go on air for their slaughtering from Simon, but all in all I do love the auditions.

The first real night of the season was underwhelming, but I voted and got into the whole, "who's going home tonight" thing with building excitement. I was all about Hair Man going home two or three weeks before he actually did go home. Phil has always bugged me. He seems like a great guy, good father and husband, and can sing--country especially well, but he just looks funny. I've dubbed him the love child of Boy George and Sinead O'Connor. As long as I don't' look, it's ok, but he just kind of bugs me.

With the kick off being on Wednesday night I always have trouble getting home in time to watch the show, as with last night. I searched the Internet hoping to find some clue as to who went home, texted Mildred incessantly, "where were you?" and went to bed not knowing--very frustrating. I was keyed up because I've been looking at the busy signal websites and scared to death that Jordin had bumped Melinda from the top, which meant Melinda could meet with an untimely death. I really like her (collective, "Duh.") and deep down want her to be the new Idol, but don't' think she'll make it.

With Phil and Chris going home all of my favorites are left so now what am I going to do? I'm going to suffer the pain of elimination for the next three weeks that's what I'm going to do. it's almost more than I can handle. Blake is the first one I can handle going home. He's great and brilliant at arranging songs, but his style of music is not my style. He's fun to watch, but I'm not a fan of his style of music. Lakisha is next followed by Jordin and then hopefully Melinda will be the new Idol. I sure hope she wins and plan to vote, vote, vote for her.

There was one season of Survivor where I got totally sucked into watching every episode and playing the guessing game. I don't' know if I'll be an Idol watcher like I was this season, but you never know.

I have my Pepto and tissue in hand to help with my gut wrenching tearful angst that I feel knowing that this season is coming to an end and that all my favorites will be blasted away.

Stay tuned.


Babsarella said...

Yep, Melinda is my fav too! I am actually thinking that LaKisha may leave next week, followed by Blake. In any case, I am hoping for a Jordan/Melinda final. If Melinda doesn't make it to the final, I will be really upset, like last year when Chris was voted off. Now that was just sinful!

Sharon said...

Will, you can always text me.....I usually know I AM the internet queen! A well deserved title! Teehee.......I too will sit with pepto and kleenex. Who will be the next "American Idol"????

Tracy said...

count me in the Melinda fan club - there is nuthin that girl can't sing. and she's cute too and seems like such a nice girl too - and not too young that it might change her. I like Jordin very much as well but i worry that such a nice kid might get totally screwed up by that kind of fame at such a young age kwim?
but you're right - we're at that place we're they're all good and its gonna be sad ....

Donna said...

Well, we'll see in about an hour. I think Lakisha will go tonight. I'm with Barbara in hoping that Melinda and Jordan will be the finalists, but I'm afraid it might be Blake and Jordan. Just please, please don't let it be Melinda going home tonight. I don't think I could take it.