Monday, March 26, 2007

The path to destruction

I finally have a camera that can chronicle some of the adventures that I enjoy with Teensy and the boys. As you may remember from previous posts, number one son is a construction destructor. He loves to build things and then jump into his imagination and play for hours with his creations. He will play and add and play and add for several hours then, when done, walk away. Such was the case this weekend.
Here is the kitchen, where Titus built a farm. The chairs and basket are the actual farm house where, "home living" occurs. Then you see the pillows and other various things scad about which are the outbuildings, pins, other houses, and a launch pad. What farm isn't complete without a launch pad? You can see number one son in the background scanning the room for more items to add to his construction destruction.

This is another angle. Titus scattered tissue all over floor because he wanted carpet in his home living area. The red gas tank is just that, a gas tank to load the rocket ship up with fuel so he can go on a, "space exploration to find 'fings." He took a break to eat some breakfast while he was building his empire. I made homemade breakfast sandwiches to, hopefully, convert his taste buds over from the frozen swill he was eating. I just can't wrap my brain around factory prepared flash frozen things, I will resist the rant for another blog.

I especially like this picture because it shows you the looks I get some times. This was his absolute depression over the realization that he was going to pick up ALL of his construction by himself without my help no matter how long it took. He was not at all happy with that. "Dad, Dad, it's just too much, I can't take it." Was his reply as he flew himself into the floor and attempted a fit. I told him he should save his energy for the clean up and get busy. It took him an hour to build the empire, two hours to play, and three to clean it up!
His imagination is always firing and I love to walk with him through his imagination and play in the lands he creates. Just a joy.


Donna said...

Boy howdy....this is not my idea of "joy." Not fun at all if you ask me. Poor Kendra.

Sharon said...

I remember when the teenagers built they just destroy bad guys on the X-box! Those were the days........

Tracy said...

oh that is just wonderful! although i think i'd make them play elsewhere - the kitchen is MY domain LOL... but seriously they are growing those lovely imaginations and there isn't anything more wonderful than that. just think... they might just imagine up some wonderful way to get to Mars and back one day- you gotta dream it to do it right? and nobody dreams squat in front of the tv or playing too many video games
oh btw - i'm sure by now you have acquired that lovely internal radar that allows you to move about without tripping over all that shtuff, right?