Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm SO buying a ticket!

I just don't know how much more I can take. It all started when I was awarded a great...award for my blog from Sherri at Tied Up In Ribbons which was so, so nice. Then, if that weren't enough, by the blessings of cyberfriendships and networking, Cindy who owns the Dove's Nest in Waxahacie, TX awarded me a cookbook from her restaurant that I've been wanting for ever. I was thrilled to know that this cookbook is on it's way to ME from THE author! Too much to handle, just too much. That book is in the care and custody of the USPS and I hope I am not among the casualties of dropped mail. I can't wait!

I had mentioned that I should buy a lottery ticket because the week was just so fun and wonderfully going my way. Well, hang on to your hat because it gets better!

This afternoon as I was eating my BowlAppetite! for lunch all the ladies, except one who is home with a migraine--ouch sorry for that and hope you are feeling better Jamie--, came into my office and handed me an envelope. I was wondering what was going wasn't my birthday or my anniversary...I hadn't been fired (I didn't think) so it was all very curious. The card was a thank you for the support, friendship and work I do with them as part of our team. Very sweet card. But, there was waiting inside a beautiful piece of paper which read:

Will, You are a star with us!! You will soon be receiving the latest and greatest cookbook of all times--BAREFOOT CONTESSA BACK TO BASICS.
Can you believe it. Can you believe how sweet and awesome and kind that was of them to think of me and enough to buy me that book. It's being released on 10/28 and I can not wait to get it. I just can't wait. The good thing is I'll have already read and digested the Dove's Nest and be all geared up for another book.

I'm so buying a ticket this week. This is just great, absolutely great. I'm thrilled, beyond words thrilled that these two babies are coming home with me--soon.

I have decided to launch (listen to me say the word, launch like some mogul) a new blog called, "Spoon by Spoon" which will be a blog dedicated to nothing but cooking and cooking related duke. [Duke is what I say to mean stuff pertaining to] I hope to get some good pictures of food, the process of making said wonderful food, and just chat about it. I love reading food blogs and love even more cooking and such. I plan to definitely make recipes out of each of these wonderful books, and think I may work my way through the cookbook I wrote. There are just so many great recipes out there to make.

Now, here's the question...friends. How does one who has two blogs make each on connectible? Is that even a word? When I post on Spoon by Spoon I'll just post and have a link on Teensyand the boys? Two blogs, what am I thinking.

If I win the lottery, the next blog post will be from the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. This is my dream vacation. I went there about 10 years ago and man oh man was it nice. I still remember everything about it and have longed to return. It's just wonderful and beautiful and the food...oh the food was delicious. It's my #1 spot for a dream vacation. I'll be staying in the presidential suite or a month long vacation. Kendra will be at the Spa having all kinds of people rub her in ways she's only dreamed of. That girl loves a massage! Pedicures, manicures, those rock things...she'll be in hog heaven. Me, I'll be wandering and eating, watching people and wondering how a place like this can actually exist.
Hasn't this been a fun week! It's not even over yet and it's a fun week.