Friday, January 4, 2008

New Skin

Of all the people who avoid change, I'm it. I don't really like change and find routine to be soothing and comforting to me. One of my biggest challenges in the morning it deciding what to wear. Mind you, as a man my pants choices are: blue, brown, black--period! It's the shirts that get me into trouble because I go over and over the shirts in my closet (I probably have over 200) wondering if anyone would remember that I wore that shirt two weeks ago, or a month ago. I have this ridiculous fear of criticism about what I wear and the frequency of it being worn. That all goes back to my high school days, when I began to care about clothes, showering, etc. I noticed that all of the popular people never wore the same thing twice, it was always different, and somewhere in my mind it clicked that I should be the same way. Isn't that ridiculous. Most people don't even notice that kind of thing, but I do. At any rate, I say that to say that I would love to have just one outfit that I am totally comfortable in and just stay in that. Johnny Cash always wore black, Mr. Rogers always wore khakis, a sweater, and a blue oxford shirt, Captain Kangaroo always wore his red coat, see you can get away with wearing the same thing--you just have to always wear the same thing for it to be ok.

Any interruption into my normal steady routine gets me all a twitter. I get ready in the exact same order, everyday and do not vary my routine at all. It's really bad when I have to remember to take something, because "remembering" isn't in my routine and I usually forget to take it. I'm such a creature of habit, but I like it. I park in the same parking spot/location at every store I frequent(Mall, Target, Wal-Mart) and do it without thinking. I even park in the same spot when we go to Joplin to the Mall I've been going to my entire life--that' pathetic huh! It drives Kendra crazy because she doesn't think about it she just parks where ever she feels like it and call it a day.

I haven't ever been really in love with my blog skin, and wanted a different one. I what reading one of our missionaries blogs this morning and noticed I could get a free blog I went shopping! I am pleased with this skin, even though I lost my counter ( I didn't need it anyway) and my click thing (easily retrieved). I really like it and hope you do too. If you hate the skin you are in, go shopping and see what strikes your fancy. Just look at the top of your screen and you'll see a place that you can click to go straight to the place I found this new skin.

I wouldn't look for this skin to go away anytime soon, unless something even cooler and more, "hey this is you" comes a long. Happy Friday!


Tracy said...

i like it! :-)