Wednesday, December 12, 2007

R.I.P my friend

My friendly, feisty, spunky, ever-present (until today) fish, Otis died today. Otis was my office fish and came to be my friend when I worked in Texas at Heritage. We had to do a unit in one of our Bible classes with fish and I bought several beta's, Otis was the only surviving one. Several of those little suckers leaped out of their containers to sudden death, kamikaze crazy fish!

Otis was special to me because he had some really cool tricks. He would flip his smooth black rocks at the side of his bowl every so often, which always got my attention. Other than swimming around and flipping rocks, he was quiet and reserved.

I'll miss my friend. Thanks, Otis, for three good years of love and support. I'll miss you.


Jamie S said...

I am honored to have known him.

Tracy said...

oh i am sorry will. he sounds like the coolest fish ever and really he lived a very long life now didnt he?

Sharon said...

God rest his little fishy soul! He will be deeply missed I am sure but it is just one more fish I didn't have to flush down the toilet!!!!