Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'll take that Hot Pink number!

Tomorrow marks the first week of our entry into Public School as Titus, our oldest, has begun kindergarten. Last week we only had one day of school, which is rather odd to me but, "who am I?" So far I would have to give the whole experience a B+. As far as the teacher Titus has, and his class, that's an A. I'll explain the rest (you were afraid I would weren't you?)

Country Lane is one of, it not the biggest elementary school in Broken Arrow. There are currently 1,000 students at Country Lane, which is fine, except each of those 1,000 students have PARENTS! On the same piece of land there is also THE middle school for the district, which has I can only imagine how many students, AND they are just completing a new building to house ALL of the 5th and 6th grade students. It's astonishing, really. Even more astonishing is that these, soon to be 3 schools have made ONE entrance, that's right one.

We live close enough to drop Titus off and pick him up from school each day. We were issued this hot pink number to put into our car so we could get 129 when we rolled up (he's a number!). The drill to pull as far forward as possible, until the teacher stops you, then have your child put into your car and pull off. When and only when you pull all the way forward will you and four cars behind you get your children. This is clearly stated and clearly the way to keep things smooth as there is one way in and one way out. Of course there are parents who feel like they are an exception or order and muck up the whole dad gummed process. Kendra waited in line from 3:20 until 4:15 because there were morons not following the rules.

I think if I were the principle I would have to go up to these no participatory parents and not allow them to be in the pick up line any more--it's over! "Sir, hi, I'm the school principle here and we are trying desperately to get these children picked up so we can go home and see our families. You have cause serious delays in this and we are no longer allowing you to pick up your child, I'll take that hot pink number. If you child doesn't ride the bus, you are welcome to park and come check your child out." Wouldn't that be great?

The whole school is magnetically sealed. The doors all lock by magnet and NO ONE is getting into the building before 8:30--NO ONE. I had to take snacks to school as part of our agreement to help Mrs. Dunnam (Titus' teacher) out. Titus had also not been relieved of his school supplies and was toting them to and from every day. I wanted to walk these into the room, set them down, and walk out--that's all. Let's just say that's not what happened, thus the deduction in points.

It seems that if there are two secretaries in the Elementary school office, then one will be sweet, helpful, and kind while the other is pissy, belligerent, and rude. This was the case at Country Lane. I would love to have a sticker that I can wear the first month that says, "New Parent...Be Nice." that way Miss Pissy would know to call up all of her grace and patience and fake the nice for five minutes.

"Can I help you?" "Yes, I'm here to sign in so I can drop off snacks and supplies for my son's class...and also need to drop him off at the gym to wait for school." Miss Pissy vaguely points to a corner to which I turn my glance in that direction. "Sign in." I knew I was supposed to, but didn't know WHERE in the office. I signed in turned and went out the door to the hallway and tried to pull the door open to get into the school. It wouldn't budge. I looked into the office where Miss Pissy was with a, "push the button and let me in." look...nothing. "You have to wait until 8:30 to get in NO ONE gets in until 8:30." Why didn't she just say that before! I stood at the door and pulled on it?

At 8:39 as I sat there staring at her she looked as Miss Nice, "can HE go take that stuff to the classroom or not?" "Sir may I help you?" "I'm just trying to drop off these supplies for my son, and leave him in the gym so I can get to work." "Thank you for doing this. Why don't you just leave these things here and I'll take them to her room. Who was it?...thank you. If you would, please take your son to the gym, if you would go outside. Thank you." "You are welcome." It really wasn't that hard, Miss Pissy could have done that at 8:15!! The snack weren't delivered until 2 HOURS after snack time!!! GRRRRR. I won't be doing that again I can assure you!

Part of me wants to be involved in the school and part of me doesn't. I know I will, and Kendra too, but I just don't' know how much. Now if they need someone to take pink numbers...SIGN ME UP!!!


Anonymous said...

Frustration is an ongoing process with children in school but it will get better. When you see the parent who always want the special treatment and think the rules don't apply to them take careful note of the children as they are usually the bullies in class. It's what they were taught at home. Hope he's doing fine and enjoying his time especially recess!

Memaw's memories said...

I was never so happy as the day my last child graduated from public school.

And let me tell you, college is not more expensive than public school. I didn't spend nearly as much on college. I was constantly digging into my pocket for something for public school.