Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Have you ever been completely stopped in your tracks with the burning question, "Why?" I really can't count how many times a day I have to this go through my head. You see, I have a problem. I watch people--a lot! I find myself at times lost in a trance as I'm gawking at folks. I really need to stop, I'm sure I'll be punched in the face someday.

My time is really, really limited as I'm in the throngs of one of the most stressful and busy summer's I've ever had in my career and I just don't have the time it takes to dedicate a long post...say about a super vacation. My camera...I mean my phone...takes forever to send photos to my computer so I can load them. Be patient, gentle reader, all is not lost as there is plenty of "stuff" rolling around in my head to keep us busy.


  • do hot dog buns come 8 to package and the hot dogs 10 to a package?
  • do people waiting for the same elevator HAVE to push the button already illuminated? Do they think it will come faster if more than one person pushes it?
  • did the 5th dentist cave on Trident? What gum does HE like?
  • do people always think it's their turn to go no matter what?
  • do banks charge you money for funds they know isn't there?
  • do we wait for the right step as the escalator rolls? Have you ever seen someone step on the first step rolling
  • Do CD's come enclosed in plastic as well as sticker closed on two sides? Do they HAVE to be that secure?
  • are all toys permanently secured to their packaging to point that you need power tools to free them so your anxious child can play.
  • do we believe people who say there are 10 billions stars in the universe, but touch a wall we are told has wet paint?
  • would someone taste something that you were just told, "this is disgusting, taste it."
  • do we look into other people's baskets at the supermarket and feel panicked when we see large quantities of one thing, wondering if it's going to be rationed.
  • can produce growers not keep our veggies from being poisonous? Spinach last summer...tomatoes this summer...what's next?
  • do drive up ATM's have braille?
  • do students who have open seating sit in the same chair on the first day as the last?
  • do we feel compelled to whisper in airports but flat out scream in a restaurant?
  • do waiters, assigned to your table, ask if they can help? Who else will if they don't?
  • do we talk louder to people who don't speak our language?
  • does an American speaking in another language sound like a total doofus, but english sound cool when spoken by folks whose first language is something else? French accents, German accents, etc.
  • aren't their B batteries? Couldn't the 9 volt just come along and be the B?
  • do we trust manufacturers who screwed up the first time think we will trust them with "New and Improved". They didn't do it right the first time!
  • does Hawaii have Interstate highways?
  • will we stop for trains? Shouldn't they stop for us?
  • do dogs look like their masters?
  • does the postal service have machinery that processes thousands of letters a second and send them out for delivery by people who saunter?
  • do women who run in a sport's bra not feel like they are running in their underwear? men don't just run around in a jock strap, thankfully!
  • are chips packaged by weight...just fill up the bag!
  • do we shop in the cold and frozen foods sections first?
  • don't we believe expiration dates?
  • what was the best thing before sliced bread?
  • do black olives come in a can and green olives in a jar?
  • does the cashier ask if we found everything we needed and not take action when we don't?
  • does the oil company set it's own price? electricity is subsidised and regulated by the government...can't car fuel become a utility too?
  • do we have general elections if it doesn't matter who wins the popular vote?
  • does day break and night fall?


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

so true. Just catching up on some old posts I had missed!