Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have a lot to learn

My sister and I have been on some adventures, to say the least! When we were younger our adventures were more catastrophic because we had not mastered the art of control, but as we've aged over the years we are able to manage the collateral damage that occur in our adventures. We are truly and Lucy and Ethel team because if one gets in trouble--we both got trouble. I've rescued her and she me too many times to count.

When my sister was probably 8 or so, I would have been around 4 or 5, she went through a phase of not wanting to take a bath. If she did take a bath she certainly did not want to go through the whole ordeal of washing, combing, and drying her long hair. She devised this plan that she would hang out in the bathroom for the period of time that it would take to bath, then wet just the front of her hair and wrap it in a towel. No one, but me, knew this trick and she would get away with not having to bathe. Me I had to bathe and wash my hair and I didn't like to do it at all. That was until I hatched my perfect plan.

I devised that I would try her trick and get my hair wet, tricking my Mom and Dad into thinking I had cleaned up. "Will, bath time." "Ok, Dad..." Off I went reluctantly slumping along to the bathroom. Water on, front hair wet--set! This is where things started to unravel to me. First, I didn't stay in the bathroom long enough to bathe and wash my hair. Next, I didn't think to wrap a towel around my dry hair just exposing the wet portion. PJ's were put on and I marched right back out to the living room, it had been maybe five minutes.

I can remember my Dad slowly turning to look at me with this look of dazed confusion then slowly turn to my Mom and look at her as if to say, " what is YOUR son doing?" "William, I told you to go take a bath." "I did." "No, no you didn't." "Yes I did..." "So, you took a bath and washed your hair?" "Yes." "Then why is your hair only wet here and not all over her head." My sister was deer in the headlights bug eyed because I in the process of exposing her perfect plan of disgusting habits. "Um...I us...I" "You didn't wash your hair or take a bath, did you?" "No sir." "What in the world were you thinking?" "Well Sis does it all the time so I thought I would try it." "Oh she does...does she?" [thunk]I had just abandoned my sister and left her high and dry. On her way to bed, she pinched me and said, "Thanks a lot...idiot!" Mom and Dad were on to her game from then on.

This is pretty much how I roll, bumbling and fumbling my way through life. My sister, thankfully, still loves me and rescues me more than I deserve.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And just where have you been?

If I told you I'm sure you would not believe me. As I am typing the cobwebs are actually [ack] choking me [gasp]. In all honesty I thought I was done posting on this blog and would totally devote any blog time to my cooking blog, but it's just not in me to abandon this ship. I just need an outlet and a place to pull out memories.

This will be a short post, but I will not leave you empty handed I have pictures!!