Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holding hands

This morning when I woke up I woke up resolved, I had made my mind up before I went to bed that I would have a certain attitude and be committed to a certain attitude. I would be lying if I said that I'm excited about the decision that my fellow Americans made. I'm not going to grab a stick and start a revolution, or talk to everyone I know about how horrible this situation is and what in the world are we going to do. That really wouldn't be very productive, now would it, nor would it solve anything. Instead I think resolution is in order. Especially as a Christian who has three small sets of eyes watching my reaction and my attitude. It's especially true when things don't go the way "I" want them to go, should I pout and scream and call forth doom and gloom? Not at all. I think I should be resolved to pray for this country and those who lead it. I should be resolved to pray for the leader of this country no matter what. I want my new President-elect to be safe and protected. So, I'll pray for him and pray that his leadership is a turning point.

I know that this election will be the topic of discussion as long as I live, it is truly one for the history books! There is no doubt that it was an historic election. I can remember feeling a sense of apprehension when my candidate didn't win the last time (1992) and looking back made a critical error in not praying for my president. I don't want to be guilty of ignoring some one's need for prayer based on the fact that "he's not the one I wanted to win."

It's over now, we move on, nothing has changed in my daily routine. As I drove to work this morning it really struck home with me that nothing in my normal routine has changed or possibly will change. Would have, could have, and should have are all things that have no power other than the power of distraction. If you are reading this today and feeling somewhat like I do, look out for yourself and pray for your president, he's going to need it. Pray for every member of government as Christ prayed for the members of His government that were crucifying him! We, Christians, are called to stand out and be different, let's not be different by being ugly and rude and not supporting the person we didn't choose.

Freedom is a sweet, wonderful and under appreciated liberty. I hear the bells of liberty ringing and know that the founding fathers of our country would be proud of the process and revelling in the ability our country has to give opportunity to all who seek it.


Jamie S said...

Amen. Nothing to add.

Tracy said...

hey :-)
long time no talk to :-)
i thought i'd check in and see what you are up to.
if i'd been blogging 8 yrs ago or 4 years ago i might have written the same thing. This time i'm happy. I'd have been happier if Hillary had been the candidate but I'm happy enough with the result - my choice won.
Anywho Will - i've missed checking in. Hope all is well with you and yours. Tell Mildred hi if you see her :-)