Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These little piggies

Miss Emma woke up a little early on Monday and spent some time with Dad. She sang and played in our master bath while I was getting ready for work. I noticed that she had torn her big toenail and didn't want it to go into the quick so I sat down and said, "let's clip clip." She knows the drill when it comes to clip clip.

"See this nail? That can give you a boo boo, Daddy is going to clip it so you won't get a boo boo." I decided to go ahead and give her other toes some attention and clipped all 10 little piggies. Baby feet and baby toes just shut me down. They are the most precious, wonderful, delicious thing in all the world. Love those baby toes, especially when they are attached to my kiddos!

" day you'll get to paint your toes pretty." I opened Kendra's make up drawer and pulled out her hot pink nail polish and said, "see this is pretty." Emma was illuminated and very excited at the thought, "pittty...pitty toes." Overcome by the moment I just went ahead and painted those little piggies. She galloped and clopped around the house saying, "pitty toes" the whole time. When Kendra got up, Emma ran over to her and said, "Momma...pitty toes." She was super proud of her toes!

This little girl just gets deeper and deeper into my heart more and more everyday!